Château Ducal

Patrimoine culturel,


Built around 1060 by William the Conqueror to house his residential palace, the ducal castle is one of Europe's vastest fortified enclosures. Serving, in turn, as a princely residence, a fortress and a military barracks, Caen castle is, today, a cultural crossroads. The recently restored north rampart, surmounted by a fine belvedere equipped with a lift, offers hitherto unexplored views of the town and the castle. The latest addition in 2008: access to recently discovered archaeological vestiges: 14th century house and forge, 16th century souterrain... (unveiled during work to extend the Normandy Museum).


Volwassen groepstarief : 70 € School groepstarief : 20 €
Tarief Min. Max.
Volwassen groepstarief € 70
School groepstarief € 20

Gratis voor iedereen



  • Picknickgebied
  • Auditorium
  • Buitenspelen
  • Bar, cafetaria, theesalon
  • Restaurant


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  • Speelruimte
  • Fietsenstalling
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